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Brief Hiatus

  • Mar 28, 2011
    personal job iPad Lazy

    I haven’t posted on this blog in a while for a number of reasons:

    • I’m lazy
    • I’m busy
    • I’m boring
    • I forget

    I hope to post up some reviews on iPad Apps since I got a new, old iPad. Not old, but the first generation. I won it through a PayPal giveaway a week or two ago. Its sweet, so I want to share some Apps I found. WIll post later this week.

    Also, I’m working at Microcenter Electronics now. Great store, cool employees. That’s what has really been keeping me from doing anything, that and school.

iPad 2 Hands on video.

In five years, this will replace the Tablet PC in schools and in business. The hardware is there, now its up to Apple to integrate their software even further. I can’t wait to see the Apps that come out for this.

Anyone wanna buy one for me? Come on!

iPad 2 Rumors

  • Feb 22, 2011
    apple iPad rumors

    iPad 2

    Unlike the last video I posted, this article bears some truth. Apple is expected to announce the latest version of the iPad on March 2nd, just around the usual time frame for new products. With the iPad being only one year old, the iPad 2 is expected to be free of the hardware and software flaws that the first one experienced. Besides that, there will be new features!

    According to Mashable, these are some of the more likely truths in a sea of rumors:

    1. The iPad 2 might come in three different versions with different connectivity — including a Verizon version that won’t require a MiFi card.
    2. The iPad 2 might have front- and rear-facing cameras.
    3. The iPad 2 will be slimmer, lighter and support Retina Display.
    4. The iPad 2 might have a dual-core CPU and/or GPU.
    5. The iPad 2 will have a non-smudge screen and a gyroscope.

    All sounds interesting, but nothing earth shattering. Some other sites are reporting USB ports and other hardware enhancements to add peripherals like printers (although iPad can already print wireless) and mice to the device. Can’t wait to hear the official announcement.

Review of the iPad 2. Looks pretty sick.